Urban Red Webinar


On 27 May, UrbanRed, the UniOvi SPTF and the Chair are organising a webinar on the EDUSI and its evolution to Integrated Territorial Strategies.

The urban axis of the European Cohesion Policy has had a transforming influence on the Spanish framework. From URBAN (1994-1999) to the EDUSI (2014-2020), instruments financed from this framework and guided by the principles of sustainable urban development of the Urban Acquis of the European Union have been implemented uninterruptedly. All this experience provides lessons learned and identification of barriers to be taken into account with a view to the formation of the instrument that will succeed the EDUSI: the so-called Integrated Territorial Strategies -ETI- (2021-2027), which are expected to be launched before the summer by the Ministry of Finance and Public Function. 

URBAN RED believes that this is a key moment to reflect on these strategies, and to this end we propose a debate on the transition to the ISTs, which will take into account the experience of previous instruments, as well as the challenges and potential for the future.

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