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Agenda 2030 Dialogues with Elisa Povedano


Professor Elisa Povedano will participate on 25 April in the series Dialogues Agenda 2030 organised by the Chair with the Press Club of La Nueva España.

Elisa Povedano Marrugat is Professor of Art History and Co-Director of the Master in Tourism Management of Cultural and Natural Resources at the University Carlos III of Madrid. In the dialogue, moderated by Professor Carmen Adams, Professor of Cultural Heritage for Tourism at the University of Oviedo and member of the Advisory Committee of the Concepción Arenal Chair of Agenda 2030, they will reflect on the dangers faced by heritage and how the SDGs can contribute to its conservation, raise issues such as the peaceful coexistence between tourists and local people, the measurement of the types of impact and the study of risk assessment, are some of the challenges we see in front of us.

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